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DarkRP Non Serious - Rules
DarkRP Non Serious - Rules

Aperture Server Rules and Roleplay Guidelines last updated (07/13/18)
Rules are subject to change

As a player you must follow these rules to avoid punishment and to have a great experience on our server. Please make the best of your gameplay on our server. and make cautious decisions of what you do on our server.

General Rules:
  • Do not disrespect any staff or players on our servers.
  • Do not scam players for real world currency.
  • Do not attempt to use bugs, glitches or exploits to your advantage. (Please report it to a staff member immediately if you discover an exploit.)
  • Do not threaten to (D)DoS or hack players in any way.
  • Do not troll players or staff.
  • Do not lie to any staff.
  • Do not advertise any servers and/or products unless they are associated within our servers.
  • Do not sell anything on our servers, even if it is Steam games/Steam items.
  • Do not ask for a staff position on any of our servers, apply on the forums.
  • Do not have wars, or deathmatching between friends. This is considered minging and will not be tolerated.
  • When it comes to mayor laws, it is at the admin's discretion as to whether or not it is permitted
  • When it comes to any job rules that's not specified in the F4 menu, it is at the admin's discretion as to whether or not it is permitted
Roleplay Rules:
Fair Game Rule
  • When you die defending against a raid
    • You can’t go back and kill your raiders
    • You must wait until the raid is over to return to your base.
    • You may watch the raiders plunge your base

  • You are not allowed to return to a base you're raiding if you died, for 10 minutes
  • You may not be able to raid the same person’s base for 20 minutes 
  • You are not allowed to kill your killer, solely as revenge for killing you. (This would cause an endless cycle of chaos and revenge kill...)
  • You are allowed to revenge raid (When 10 mins are up)
  • You are not allowed to annoy your killer
  • There is no FearRP on our server
  • There is no FailRP on our server
  • Anything random deathmatch/killing outside of Roleplay is not allowed and is considered RDM and will be punished.
  • Do not RA/RDA(Random Arrest.) You must have a legitimate reason to arrest another player. (Such as, for example, if they commit murder in front of you, or steal something from someone in front of you)
  • Do not metagame, this is communicating with someone outside of the server to help give you a strategic advantage against other players.
  • Do not mic spam/spam in chat, this means to flood voice chat/chat with messages, songs etc.
  • Do not Prop Surf/Prop Kill. You cannot use props to give you a movement advantage, or to kill another player.
  • Do not Prop Minge. You cannot use props to crash the server, or to give yourself an advantage.
NLR (New Life Rule):
  • Government jobs (Police, SWAT) must not return to the police department upon death. The New Life Rule still applies even to Government Classes.
  • You must wait 5 minutes to return to an area you died in. You are a new person and forget everything from your previous life. (No placing hits on who killed you, no going back to your base during a raid.
  • You can only mug every 15 minutes
  • You cannot mug the same person within 30 minutes
  • You must warn them about the situation through chat with details of the mugging. An example being: "/y Mug 1k or die, 10 seconds, moving or pulling out a gun and you are dead."
  • You can only mug a player for a maximum amount of 1k.
  • You must give them a 10 second warning to fully read the message and respond to the mugging, failing to do so is against the rules.
  • You cannot mug as anyone besides Criminal, Pro Criminal
  • You cannot mug Hobos or people in Spawn
  • You can only kidnap the leader if 3 or more police are on
  • You can only kidnap the leader.
  • You can only kidnap the leader every 30 minutes.
  • You can only hold the leader hostage for 10 minutes.
  • You can only execute the mayor if the time has run out.
  • You can raid a base every 10 minutes.
  • You cannot raid the same person within 20 minutes.
  • You do not have to advert or even type in chat raid, it can be silent and anonymous.
  • You can only raid as a Criminal class
  • Cops may conduct a raid on a base if they have evidence of illegal crimes or if the person is on the notoriety list. They must have a warrant to enter.
  • You cannot raid someone if they clearly don't have anything to steal.
  • You cannot raid someone just to kill them. When you're raiding someone, you're doing it to steal what is theirs.
  • You may block off cameras during your raid
  • You cannot use materials at your advantage
  • No Crouch, Crouch Jump or Jump bases.
  • You cannot have all black bases.
  • You must have a different material for your fading doors or no collided entrances.
  • You may only have up to two fading doors per entrance and can have up to a total of two entrances. (4 fading doors total)
  • One way walls are allowed.
  • You may not create hamster balls or prop cars.
  • You cannot spam your key to open up fading doors.
  • You can prevent being raided by putting up a building sign, but you cannot have any entities or weapons inside the base. If caught with any entities, you'll be warned and will confiscated your entities.
  • You may block off the warehouse district if you have 6 people or more basing with you there
  • You cannot have maze bases. (This means having multiple paths leading to a dead end)
  • You cannot make traps inside bases.
  • You must have keypads on each side of the fading door.
  • You may have printer cases. (Must have a fading door with a keypad linking to it.)
  • You are not allowed to build on the sidewalk nor the street. (Unless you are a hobo, then you can build on the sidewalk.)
  • You may have a KOS sign at your base entrance
  • You may have cameras inside your base and out at the entrance of your base.
  • You cannot have cameras in other peoples bases or inside the PD.
  • You cannot have fake entrances leading to a dead end.
  • You cannot build defenses that annoyingly obstruct entrances in the Police Department/Bank
  • Minimum fading door time is 5 seconds.

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