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Staff Guidelines and Protocol
Aperture Server Staff Guidelines and Protocol
Guidelines are Subject to change.

As a staff member you must follow these rules step by step when punishing a player on our server. Keep control in a sit, maintain a cool head, and use the appropriate moderation tools to determine a verdict. Remember, you are the judge, jury, and the executioner, so please make the best of your decisions, or you may face consequences for your bad decisions.
If you are not admin or higher that can ban someone who has left the server, please collect their Steam ID from the console or from Then go to a staff member that can ban the player. Please mention the correct offenses and time. If a staff member is not, or if you cannot get into contact with one, then please make a report on the forums to have it handled.
Please ban the players in minutes as stated below for their punishments on the server. Please make sure you have the correct offense and the number of offenses they have done, add them up and ban them with the correct minutes and reasons.
RDM (Random Deathmatch)
RDMx1 Warning
RDMx2 120 Minutes
RDMx3 1440 Minutes
RDMx4 4320 Minutes
RDMx5 in rapid succession = Permanent
Repeat offenders can be banned longer.
RDA (Random Arrest)
RDAx1 Warning
RDAx2 60 Minutes
RDAx3 1440 Minutes
RDAx4 4320 Minutes
RDAx5 in rapid succession = Permanent
Repeat offenders can be banned longer.
NLR (New Life Rule)
NLRx1 Warning
NLRx2 Slay
NLRx3 20 Minutes
Numerous repeated NLR offenses within a short period of time warrant bans 30 minutes or more.
Repeat offenders can be banned longer.
FailRP (Fail Roleplay)
If someone commits FailRP, warn them and tell them what they did wrong. If they do it again kick them from the server. Repeat offenders will receive bans.
MetaGaming (Communication Outside of the server for strategic advantages)
If a player does this please directly slay them from the server if done again go to a 60 minute ban.
Self Supply
If a player self supplied themselves with weapons they are not allowed to self supply, then warn them what they did wrong, and to not do it again, then slay the player.
We have a zero tolerance for disrespect to any staff or players on our server. If a player does this, then mute/gag them for 10 minutes.(Mute command applies for chat, and gag command applies for microphone.)  Add 10 minutes if the player resumes disrespectful behaviour. If a player continues to disrespect after 2-3 time increases, then proceed to ban them for 2 hours.
Lying to staff
We do not tolerate players feeding us false information. If a player is in an admin situation and they lie to staff, add at least 60 more minutes to their ban time.
Under no circumstances, should staff ever take into account witnesses during an admin situation. They can lie to staff to benefit the person they are covering for, and to potentially get the innocent person/s banned. If any staff member is caught or proven guilty that they are taking into account witnesses that are not involved in any admin situation, they will be striked.
If someone is suspected of trolling, then keep a close eye on them, cloak if you have to, and decide whether they are. If a player is guilty of trolling, then ban them for 30 minutes. Continued trolling increases ban time by an hour.
DDoS Threats
If someone threatens the safety of you, a player, or the server, please ban them permanently and notify higher ranking staff to make a quick report that the situation was handled.
DO NOT NOCLIP WHILE ROLEPLAYING, as staff if you want to fly around the map become citizen or any other job that doesn't require you be in roleplay (Citizen, Homeless person etc.) and if you are aimlessly noclipping around the map cloak yourself. If you are building a base or building It is fine however do not noclip within someone else's structure or base.
Have any questions, concerns or need verification on a guideline please contact staff in the upper ranking.

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